Church Leadership

Pastor:  Dave Becker  Contact number: (907)895-4490

Office Hours 8:00 – 3:00 most days with a break for lunch

Schedule for appointments to meet with the Pastor

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Youth Leader: Mike and Amy Stephens

Church Officers

Deacons:  Fronty Parker, Walter Marchuk, Mike Pelto, Eric Ruse, Kelly Kohnan

Treasurer:  Regina Pelto

Church Clerk:  Cheryl Marchuk

Trustees:  Mike Pelto, Roy Gilbertson

Janitor:  Lori Somers

Pianist: Janine Todd

Organist:  Joyce Bendell


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Music:  Bill Todd
Prayer:  Janell Gilbertson
Sunday School:  Dave Becker
Hostess:  Diane Ruse
Jr. Worship:  Laurie Magee
Preschool:  Jackie Becker
Women on Mission (WMU):  Rena Case
Youth:  Mike and Amy Stephens